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While we hope that our 2021 productions will take place as planned, the uncertainty surrounding  the COVID-19 pandemic means we may have to change our schedule.

Red Riding Hood

  • 04 Dec 2009
  • 20:00
  • 06 Dec 2009
  • 14:00
  • Théâtre du Léman, Geneva


We all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood, who succeeded in ridding the forest of the wicked wolf. But that was years ago, and Little Red Riding Hood is now a grandmother. And the wicked wolf is back, thirsting for revenge.


Woodland Fairy
Lara Srivastava
Lupus Rex, King of the Wolves
Oliver Williams
Sir Jasper de Vyle, the Squire  Roger Williams 
Boy Blue, a Cowherd
Tarun Uppal
Bo-Peep, a Shepherdess  Alice Evans 
Hustle, Squire’s Henchman  Peter Scott 
Bustle, Squire’s Henchman  Len Everett 
Belinda Merry, (Red Riding Hood) Claire Caillaux 
Prince Edwin of Entertainia  Jane Kennedy 
Bobby Shaftoe  Martin Jennings 
Grandma Malaria Merry  Danny Benjamin 

Adult chorus:

Kathrin Baetschmann, Christine Colliar, Susanne Del Vecchio, Meera Davies Torres, Emilie Dawkes, Jenny Fresacher, Edwina Jarrell, Birgitta Lindup, Frances Narvaez, Nathalie Reichart, Donna Roebuck, Annie Schmid, Pam Scott, Susan Sell, Patricia Solomon, Sally Wattiaux, Liz Williams, Sarah Whitehouse, Maureen Wittig-Judge, Robin Martini, Bernard Reymond, Stanley Taylor

Children’s chorus: 

Julia Bird, Jennifer Bollweg, Axel Borel, Jason Borel, Abha Calindi, Emilie Colliar, Sharon Dessi, Floris Draaisma, Louisa Gudaitis, Alix Haenni, Laurie Hill, Manon Hill, Dylan Maguire, Killian Maguire, Megan Maguire, Simoine Maylor, Julia Morin, Emily Perrenoud, Zara Plummer, Ciara Rainsby, Anna Robinson, Lauren Rooney, Flora Vickers.

Page boys:

Jamie Perrenoud, Alastair Beveridge


Director  Sue Lloyd
Musical Director  Wolfgang Schutt
Choreographer Maria Anderson
Children's Choreographer Karen Perrenoud 
Stage Manager 
Rodney Gill 
Asst Director Phil Tuffs
Production Secretary  Sybil Sheppard
Set Design  John Fox
Set Construction  Rodney Gill
Lighting  Will Ballerio / Edward Brett
Sound  Arni Dinius
Front of House  Mark Tyrrell / Sue Tyrrell
Costumes   Sue Bergomi
Make-up   Pauline Goodyear
Props   Sandy Cunningham / Nancy Gill
Prompt Lizzie Durant
Rehearsal Pianists Mako Hayafuji / Emilie Larrodé 
Poster John Fox
Photos  David Pittuck 
Children's Aunties Cheryl Rooney / Roisin Gudaitis 
Fight Sequence Oliver Williams / Claude-Yvan Conne 




Address:  10 rue du Pré-de-la-Fontaine, 1217 Meyrin 

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