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While we hope that our 2021 productions will take place as planned, the uncertainty surrounding  the COVID-19 pandemic means we may have to change our schedule.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

  • 29 Nov 2013
  • 20:00
  • 08 Dec 2013
  • 14:00
  • Aula du Collège de Saussure, Petit-Lancy

Goldilocks and the Three Bears 2013


“If you go down in the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise...” This year our traditional English pantomime takes you down to the woods for the well-known children’s story, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Surprises lie in the usual panto plot twists – prepare to suspend disbelief! – and the host of unusual woodland creatures you’ll meet, including the teddy bears on their picnic and a wasp on an exchange programme.


Auntie Septic Danny Benjamin
Patrick MacDonald 
Phil Tuffs
Len Everett
Daddy Bear
Martin Jennings
Mummy Bear
Sharon Gill 
Baby Bear 
Christine Colliar
Sharon Dessi
Tom Tom
Gen Steele
Queen Bee
Di Klein
Lara Srivastava
Geraldine Donaldson
Ciara Goldstein
Kevin, a Wasp
Janice Cook Robbins

Ladies' Chorus:

Maria Anderson, Kathrin Baetschmann, Elizabeth Bateman, Christine Colliar, Janice Cook Robbins, Geraldine Donaldson, Sharon Gill, Ciara Goldstein, Edwina Jarrell, Fabienne Mayenzet, Penny-Claire Morris, Cheryl Rooney, Emma Sajben, Lara Srivastava, Sonja Steidle, Svenja Vollmer, Maureen Wittig

Gentlemen’s Chorus:

Stephen Anderson, Sunil Chacko, Mark Clayton, Régis Espanet, Richard Lecoultre, Michael Roth, Martin Suter, Stanley Taylor, Béat Zumbach

Junior Dancers:

Sophie Bordelais, Brielle Campbell, Josephine Caravellas, Laétitia De Martel, Myriam De Martel, Eva- Luna Gomez-Jauch, Anna Marchant, Deyan Marinov, Simoine Maylor, Charlotte Melamud, Emma Robinson, Lauren Rooney, Anna Sharp, Julian Sharp


Director  Sue Bergomi
Musical Director  Alan Robbins 
Choreographers Karen Ball / Gen Steele
Children's Choreographer Caroline Jauch
Stage Manager  David Wrigley
Asst Director  Gen Steele / Karen Ball 
Asst Stage Managers Jo Beveridge
Set Design  John Fox
Set Construction  Norman Beveridge / David Wrigley
Lighting  John Newsome
Sound  Arni Dinius
Sound Effects   Steve Pavis
Front of House  Mark Tyrrell  / Sue Tyrrell / Brian Allardyce / Beryl Allardyce
Front of House Bar  Frank Vorhies / Owen Boyle
Costumes   Sue Bergomi / Svetlana Frank
Make-up   Pauline Goodyear / Sue Hudd / Sandi Maylor
Props  Nancy Gill / Sandy Cunningham 
Prompts Margaret Byskov / Mary Stuttard / Yvette Callier / Pam Walsh / Carolyn Hornfeld
Callers Sammie Clare / Christine Clayton
Poster John Fox
Photos  Alydia Seidell 




Address:  10 rue du Pré-de-la-Fontaine, 1217 Meyrin 

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