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While we hope that our 2021 productions will take place as planned, the uncertainty surrounding  the COVID-19 pandemic means we may have to change our schedule.

The Wizard of Oz

  • 01 Dec 2017
  • 20:00
  • 03 Dec 2017
  • 15:00
  • Théâtre du Léman

Wizard of Oz 2017


The Wizard of Oz has some of the best-loved songs in American filmdom, including "Over the Rainbow" and "Follow the Yellow Brick Road". 

It tells the story of Dorothy, who lives with her dog, Toto, on a farm in Kansas. One day, a tornado sends the farmhouse spinning up into the sky with Dorothy and Toto inside it. They end up among the strange Munchkins in the Land of Oz. Dorothy eventually learns that the only way to get back home again is to ask the enigmatic Wizard of Oz for help. 

Her attempts to find the Wizard in the company of the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion are frustrated by the Wicked Witch of the West. Will they ever get back to the farm? 

The Wizard of Oz is one of the best-known American stories, containing numerous popular icons such as the ruby slippers, the Yellow Brick Road and the Emerald City.


Dorothy  Noa Cohen Dumani 
Sorceress of the North  Geneva Holloman  
Wicked Witch of the West  Gen Steele 
Wizard of Oz  David Pittuck 
Scarecrow  Paddy McDonald 
Tin Woodman  Daniel Baker 
Cowardly Lion  Larry Wagner    
Aunt Em  Christina Conti  
Uncle Henry  Stanley Taylor  
Gloria  Wenona Arndt 
Lord Growlie  Stuart Rigby 
Jo  Thibault Schaerer  
Zeke  Alexandre Vernacchio 
Hickory  Béat Zumbach  
Munchkin Mayor / Tibia  Sunil Chako  
Munchkin Farmer  Mark Clayton  
Munchkin Coroner  Eric Richardson  
Mombi  Bindu Kapur 
Sarah  Christine Blom  
First General  Deyan Marinov 
Toto  Pudsey 

The ensemble:

Jamel Abidallah, Lamia Al-Saud, Stephen Anderson, Wenona Arndt, Kathrin Baetschmann, Christine Blom, Cloda Boyle, Sunil Chacko, Mark Clayton, Manuela Consoli, Christina Conti, Ciara Goldstein, Maria Jensen, Karin Kaminker, Bindu Kapur, Deyan Marinov, Penny Morris. Céline Peiretti, Nicki Power, Eric Richardson, Stuart Rigby, Thibault Schaerer, Annie Schmid, Lynda Shaw, Stanley Taylor, Alexandre Vernacchio, Helen Weir, Maureen Wittig-Judge, Béat Zumbach

The children’s ensemble:

Pola Aleksandrowicz, Liam Arndt, Kathrin Atner, Majken Bridges, Brielle Campbell, Ella Campbell, Thea Cartwright, Amélie Christie, Max Clark, Sophia Conti, Iris de Boer, Mayriam de Martel, Olivia Doebeli, Léonie Glege, Elizabeth Lally, Alice Meyerhans-Brown, Juliette Rigby, Anna Sanchez, Andrea Schmidt, Aurore Stamatiadis, Maxwell Wagner, Zane Wagner


Directors  Di Brown / Carolyn Hornfeld / Liz Williams
Musical Director Katie Johnson 
Asst Musical Director Keith Hayward 
Choreographers  The Directors 
Children's Choreographer  Bindu Kapur 
Stage Management
Jo Beveridge / Norman Beveridge / Rodney Gill / Martin Shaw / Alydia Seidell / David Wrigley 
Set Design The Directors 
Lighting Jane Easton / John Newsome 
Sound Steve Pavis 
Sound Effects  Owen Boyle
Front of House John Fox / Sara Fox 
Linda Greenwood
Carolyn Hornfeld / Ulrike Richardson 
Beryl Allardyce / Brian Allardyce / Susan Bergomi / Sandy Cunningham / Nancy Gill / Jeannie Taylor 
Mark Clayton 
Rainbow Creation Sue Bergomi / Howard Hornfeld 
Apple Tree Construction  Larry Wagner / Noah Campbell / Zane Wagner 




Address:  10 rue du Pré-de-la-Fontaine, 1217 Meyrin 

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